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 RELOCATION   SERVICES        ... helping senior adults and their families through the move process.
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If you keep hearing, or saying, the 'O' word, you
may want to hire a Senior Move Manager to help. 
Overwhelmed is the #1 word that pops up when seniors talk about transitioning to a retirement or assisted-living community. Loving and concerned family members may also be feeling overwhelmed as they contemplate how they can help Mom and Dad while maintaining their own lives.

We Tackle the Elephant

How do you eat an elephant? It sounds silly, but of course, the answer is, one bite at a time. Moving is accomplished in the same way. Let us worry about how it gets done - we've handled lots of moves!

Our Philosophy
At Relative Ease, we view moving as a process, not just a one-or-two day event. Your successful transition to new living quarters requires thoughtful planning, understanding of your needs, and coordination. Your relocation is a team effort that is driven by your input.

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Seize the Opportunity 

When family comes to help, spend time going through photos and reminiscing, providing history about your treasures, or working on a meaningful project together. The move process is an opportunity to pass along favorite possessions to family members, and to know that another generation is enjoying things that have meant a lot to you.

Many people find that lightening their load during the move process is a great liberation. They start to really look at their things and think about which are most important, what holds the warmest memories.
 From Our Clients

"The best thing we did for ourselves was to leave the job in your capable hands. It was wonderful to avoid the stress of Move Day, by letting you manage everything. We felt guilty going off to our son's house, but it was such a relief to know you were in charge for the day."      - E.K., Cape Coral, FL

" pleased we were with Relative Ease. Every aspect of their mission was accomplished with professionalism, efficiency and friendliness, and we would give them the highest grades and recommendation."      - W.W., Fort Myers


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