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 RELOCATION   SERVICES        ... helping senior adults and their families through the move process.
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Additional Services
Prepare the Home for Sale

When you get ready to sell your car, you clear it of all your personal items, so it shows well to a potential buyer and you'll get a better price. The same applies to selling your home, and we can help you get your home into 'showing condition' with services that also streamline your eventual move.
  • Packing collections and family photos 
    (real estate agents call this de-cluttering
  • Sorting & organizing closets and cabinets
    (eliminate the stuff you don't plan to move) 
  • Rearranging furniture for buyer appeal 
  • Removing excess furniture that crowds the home (donate, ship to family, or place in storage)

Closing Up A Home

Sometimes there is no move, just the need to empty a house of its contents and get it ready for sale. We handle this type of situation, too. Based on your direction, we can:
  • Arrange for emptying the property, donations, estate sale, trash removal 
  • Pack and ship items as requested 
  • Oversee necessary property repairs 
  • Assist in finding a realtor to market the property 
  • Conduct periodic house checks 

Moving Out of Town

When you or your family member is moving out of Southwest Florida, we can handle the details on this end and make arrangements for another Senior Move Manager to handle everything on the receiving end. The National Association of Senior Move Managers provides a network of qualified companies who are ready to help. We'll help you find the Move Manager for your new location and coordinate efforts with them to provide you with a seamless move.
About Relative Ease

Leigh Ralston established Relative Ease Relocation Services because she enjoys working with seniors and helping them through lifestyle transitions. She has many years' experience as a business manager, working in real estate development, home renovation, and technology. Prior to moving to Fort Myers in 2004, Leigh resided in Louisville, KY, where she owned and operated a marketing company for ten years. Having made 15 moves of her own, Leigh has personal experience in what it takes to pull it all together. "I've also been through the downsizing process personally, and I completely sympathize with what the person is experiencing when they have to make decisions about a lifetime of possessions. It's not all just 'stuff' - these are memories we're working with, and it can be a very emotional time." 

"I love the opportunity to help seniors with their move. It's wonderful to get to know them, hear their stories, and befriend them during what is usually a stressful time. I take the time to learn what is important to them, so that we can make their next location a welcoming and comfortable home, whatever the size."
                                       - Leigh Ralston


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