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When it comes to moving, many of us over-estimate what we are capable of accomplishing, and misjudge how much time it will take to get it done. I see this a lot in the process of moving. Someone who hasn't moved in awhile forgets just how much work it really is. Add to this the emotional stress of downsizing, and you've got someone who really needs support. And often, adult children live far away and don't realize that their parents really aren't up to the task, that they need help. The next thing that happens is the child, or children, try to come for a few days, anticipating that this will be enough time to prepare for the movers. Unfortunately, it usually isn't. Another thing that frequently is not understood is just how difficult a time this is for the senior who is moving, and they shouldn't be rushed through the move process. 

    - Leigh Ralston
Senior Move Manager

     Based in Fort Myers
      Serving SW Florida

Including a Relative Ease Move Manager
in your move will provide these benefits

  • We ease your physical and mental workload, resulting in a better health outcome for you - remember why you are making this move!

  • Because we manage the timeline, make arrangements, phone calls, and keep detailed records, you will experience much less stress


  • Our realistic advice on what will really fit in your new home eliminates wasted energy and money - you won't be packing and moving items that won't fit when you get there


  • Adult children who are employed won't have to take time off from work


  • If immediate family can't help due to travel or other issues, they will worry less knowing there is someone dedicated to easing you through the move process


  • We serve as a central point of contact for your family, keeping everyone involved with the progress via phone calls and email


  • You'll arrive at your new location feeling good, instead of exhausted and overwhelmed by the mountain of boxes to unpack, items to put away, pictures to hang, beds to make - we'll be there to do it all 

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