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Our move management services can be tailored to suit your individual situation. Some people have family and friends who are available to help with many of the steps. Others prefer the organized approach that a professional brings to the many tasks. At our initial meeting we can talk about your preferences.

  • Guidance to start the re-sizing process
  • Sorting, organizing, and decision-making:
    what to keep, sell, ship to others, or donate
  • Space planning: we visit your new home to get precise measurements and other details, then create a detailed floor plan and to-scale representations of your furnishings so you can see how things will fit
  • Arranging for donation pick-ups, estate sales,
    sale of individual pieces
  • Making arrangements with the movers
  • Supervising packers
  • On-site throughout move day to supervise
  • Unpack and set up everything at the new location; includes making the beds, hanging pictures, making it 'home' with decorating touches
  • Remove packing materials
  • Help with the odds & ends that come with the moving process
How is a Move Manager different
from a Mover?

MOVERS move furniture, and you will need them, whether or not you have a Move Manager helping you. Movers load what you tell them into a truck, drive to the new place, and at the other end, they carry the furniture into the residence and set it where you tell them. They stack the boxes where you say. When the truck is empty, they leave, because their job is done. The big task of unpacking and making this new place 'home' is not part of their job.

A MOVE MANAGER coordinates every step of your move. From the beginning, we learn what is important to you. We know the space you are moving into, and we have pre-planned how your furniture and possessions are going to fit. Because we've spent time with you through the sorting process, we become friendly and comfortable with one another, and you know you can ask us to help with just about anything. We supervise the packing, and we direct the movers at each end. At the new location, boxes are unpacked and items put away in an organized, user-friendly way, so that your home is in order and you can relax and enjoy it, instead of fretting about the mess and wondering when you'll have the time and energy to unpack, much less decorate.

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